MiHope is a mobile phone programme designed to enhance project outcomes by improving Communication, Information provision and Data collection (CID). A pilot project in Malawi and Zambia demonstrated how MiHope could enhance the GOOCH project. This is through providing a better service to clients and by saving time, enabling volunteers and managers to be much more productive.

A full system is now being used in the IMPACT programme by volunteer Mother Buddies and coordinators. The system provides: 

  • An instant messaging communication system, allowing cost-effective communication between all participants (1,000 chats cost the same as 1 SMS text)
  • Longitudinal data collection system facilitating the Mother Buddy-Client visit schedule (eight visits) 
  • Instant reports (including exporting to Excel and SPSS) and geo-mapping of all locations 
  • Information provision – 100 pages of the IMPACT training manual 
  • Local development of M&E data collection forms


MiHope is operational in Malawi, Zambia and Nigeria.

Download resources 

MiHope pilot project: Evaluation report (PDF 483 KB)