We are passionate about wanting to learn from what we do, so that we can be continually improving. Working in challenging situations means that it can be hard to get things completely right first time. What matters is that we reflect on our actions so that we (and others) can learn from our experiences. Then we can celebrate and build on what has worked well. 

Monitoring and evaluation is a key element of this learning process and helps us demonstrate that we are using the resources that are given to us wisely. Monitoring and evaluation is vital for both learning and for accountability. It should be considered at an early stage of project design. 

Here you will find a selection of Tearfund's resources to help you with effective design, monitoring and evaluation.

Impact and Effectiveness: Design

The starting point for an effective intervention.

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Impact and Effectiveness: Monitoring

Checking on progress as you go.

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Reviewing what you have achieved

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The Light Wheel

The Learning and Impact Guide to Holistic Transformation.

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Tearfund Impact reports

What is Tearfund learning?

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