Holistic change in communities: a checklist

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Continuing with our celebration of 30 years of Footsteps – our magazine for grassroots development workers – we have been looking back through the archive to rediscover some of the most popular articles that have been written over the years.

This week we feature an article from Footsteps 53, first published in December 2002: Holistic change in communities: a checklist.

Reading the Bible together on an adult learning programme in Bangui, Central Africa. Photo: Hazel Thompson

‘The way we live our lives declares whom we love and on whom we depend. We are all witnessing all the time.’

James Harvey

Holistic change is all about transforming the world and the lives of people so that relationships with God, others and the environment are restored as God intended. Holistic means combining different aspects so that they work together, bringing a ‘wholeness’ about development in people and communities.

The article lists 30 great practical ideas to consider when assessing our lives and our commitment to whole-life transformation. It breaks these down into four key areas where we can make an impact:

  • In our work 
  • In our actions 
  • In our beliefs 
  • In our personal lives

Imagine if you could focus and reflect on just two or three of these ideas a day, either on your own or with colleagues. Better still, if you could build them into your lives and work. It could make that crucial difference to your own life and to the lives of those around you.

Read the article in full to learn more about holistic change in communities

Explore more about God’s plan for holistic development in this Bible study from Footsteps 33.

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