Small Scale Sanitation By R Feachem and A M Cairncross,
Ross Institute (54 pages)

A small booklet which is a very useful introduction to a wide variety of sanitation techniques, with many details about small-scale systems including pit latrines.

Rural Water Supplies and Sanitation: Blair Research Bulletin By Peter Morgan Macmillan, 1988

This 360 page book brings together the latest information on how to establish and maintain clean water supplies in areas at present lacking sanitation and clean water. It provides a variety of practical and appropriate ideas

The Worth of Water: technical briefs on health, water and sanitation Introduction by John Pickford
ITDG, 1991 ISBN 1-85339-071-2

This 136 page book is made up of all the technical briefs previously published in editions of Waterlines, which their readers found so useful.

It brings together 32 technical briefs with details about a whole variety of techniques including sanitation, water supplies, hand-pumps, water sampling and soap making. Each brief includes details of where to find more information. It is an extremely practical and helpful guide for anyone working with water supplies and sanitation.

The above three books may be found in large bookshops world-wide. If unavailable, they can be ordered from: IT Publications Ltd, 103-105 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4HH, UK.

Add 20% of the book price for surface postage and packing. For further details of other books write and ask for a catalogue.

Strategies for Hope

Two new booklets available…

No 4: Meeting AIDS with Compassion
This booklet describes how St Martin’s Clinic in Ghana provides care and support to people with AIDS.

No 5: AIDS Orphans
This looks at how AIDS affects the family system, which is the basis of family life in a rural area of Tanzania. It describes how various groups are trying to meet the needs of the rapidly growing numbers of children whose parents have died of AIDS.

Organisations in Sub-Saharan Africa who are unable to pay in foreign currency may request up to ten copies of each booklet (and also the first three booklets reviewed in Footsteps No.6) free of charge. Requests for larger quantities will also be considered.

The booklets will be available in French and Swahili. They are an invaluable help to those working with AIDS.

Write, with a letter explaining your work, to:
TALC, P O Box 49, St Albans, Herts, AL1 4AX, UK


This series uses drawings based on the Disney Health Films. The flipcharts are useful in small discussion groups. There are two versions – an African version with script in French/English, and a South American/Asian version with script in Spanish/English. Each flipchart contains up to 27 drawings about the subject with information and questions to encourage discussion with small groups.

What is disease? – explains what disease is and how it affects people, using the character of a farmer named Charlie.

How Disease Travels – shows how disease travels from person to person, infecting the whole community through water, air and personal contact.

Cleanliness Brings Health – compares a healthy family practising good hygiene with one that is careless in cleanliness and suffering from disease which could be prevented.

Infant Care and Feeding – the importance of good food for mother and baby.  How to prepare nutritious foods for a baby.

The Human – this describes different parts of the body and their functions. Tells how eating proper foods can help us have healthier bodies.

Order from: World Neighbours, 5116 North Portland Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73112, USA.


How to Build, Use and Maintain a Simple Pit Latrine

A young Nepali schoolgirl, Sita, is taught about the importance of using a latrine at school. Sita realises the health benefits sanitation would bring. She encourages her family to build a latrine and explains the steps and materials needed. Afterwards other families in the village begin the simple task of building their own latrines.

The filmstrip is available with a script in English, Spanish or French. Order from World Neighbours – address above.