Looking After Our Land by Will Critchley and Olivia Graham

This book and accompanying video draws together the experiences of six soil and water conservation projects in dryland regions of Kenya, Mali and Burkina Faso. The projects are very different - some government, some non-government - with different approaches to similar problems. As a result, the general principles that are drawn from the six case studies could be very helpful to groups planning similar work.

Part One draws together these principles. (Some of this information is included in our opening article.) Part Two discusses each of the six case studies in turn. Part Three provides technical information on the methods used to conserve soil and water at the six projects.

Though the book and video focus on dryland Africa, the principles will apply in other areas.

Both book and video are helpful, well illustrated resources. They are available in French and English. Order from:

Oxfam Publications, PO Box 120, OX2 7DZ, UK.

Clip Art for Development

Illustrations attract interest and help you communicate more effectively. But it can be difficult to find good illustrations dealing with agriculture and development. This collection of over 150 pages of copyright free drawings may help you solve this problem. The drawings illustrate people (mainly Asian), farming practices, livestock and crops.

This is a very helpful resource which is available at cost price. The material is available as loose pages designed to be placed in a clip folder, so that further pages can be added.

Order from: Professor Eric Abbot, Dept of Journalism and Communication, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011

TALC Library Package

A new scheme to provide small libraries with vital medical and health books is being offered by TALC.There is an urgent need for many hospitals and clinics to have an up-to-date range of medical books. Sometimes it is difficult to know which books would be most appropriate.

Because of this, TALC is making two libraries available which have been selected by experts to provide the best range of information possible.

The first library is designed for district hospitals, containing 17 books ranging from two on primary surgery, an AIDS handbook, eye diseases, various books on mother and child health, dentistry, immunisation and TB.

The second library contains 14 books and is aimed at health workers. It includes Where There is no Doctor, Immunization in Practice, Obstetric Emergencies and various others on nutrition, AIDS, mother and child care and health workers.

There is some overlap between the two libraries so both should not be ordered together. The prices represent a reduction in the normal cost of the books and free postage. For more detailed information on these libraries or to order, write to:

TALC, PO Box 49, St Albans, Herts, AL1 4AX, UK.

Practical Guide to Dryland Farming - Books I, II, III & IV

This series was designed in Indonesia. The booklets are written in simple English with numerous excellent illustrations. They are aimed at farmers and extension agents. There are four booklets in this series...

I Introduction to Soil and Water Conservation (44 pages)
The basic principles of soil and water conservation, and a variety of contour-based systems to reduce erosion.

II Contour Farming with Living Barriers (40 pages)
Considers the reasons for contour farming with details of how to find contour lines, preparation of barriers and suitable plants to use as ‘living barriers’.

III Integrated Farm Management (36 pages)
Covers a range of farming activities to increase farm productivity and reduce risk. Includes soil and water conservation, cropping methods, livestock, tree crops and care of the environment.

IV Planting Tree Crops
Including tree crops into farming, propagation methods, seed, stakes, grafting, air-layering, nursery care, planting out and a helpful table of useful tree species.

This is an excellent series, full of practical information. A free colour poster on soil fertility is included when the four booklets are ordered together. Order from:

World Neighbours, 4127 NW 122 St, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Agrodok Series

Two new booklets are now available in the useful Agrodok Series. They are:

No 7: Goat Keeping in the Tropics
Practical information on breeding, raising, nutrition, housing and diseases of goats.

No 18: Protection of Stored Grains and Pulses
Storage pests. Methods of protection against insects and moulds and the control of rats and mice.

Both booklets are available in French and English priced at Dfl 7.50. Readers in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific can apply for these booklets free of charge from:

CTA, BP 380, 6700 AJ Wageningen, The Netherlands.

VITA Booklet on Soil Erosion

VITA have produced a free booklet called Soil Erosion and its Control. The booklet contains a variety of ways of controlling soil erosion, to enable farmers to choose the most appropriate method for their own area. It also lists sources of information in other countries on soil erosion. Write to:

VITA, Box 12438, Arlington, Virginia 22209, USA.

Enfoque de la Evaluation Como Proceso
(The Process of Evaluation)

This is a well illustrated and helpful booklet on evaluation. It contains information on how to approach evaluation as a process. It gives ideas on how to decide on the content and objectives of evaluations, before designing and carrying out an evaluation. The final chapters gives information on how to handle the data collected and follow up the evaluation process.
It is available from:

Lutheran World Relief, General Silva 117 - Miraflores, Apartado 723 - Lima 100, Lima, Peru