Growing bamboo

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The valuable Bamboo plant has many uses. It can be used to carry water, as building material, for making furniture, craft work and to control erosion on riverbanks. But bamboo is always in short supply because it is not usually cultivated by farmers. It just grows wild. Most types of bamboo grow shoots from underground stems called rhizomes. These shoots grow into tall above-ground stems.

Growing from cuttings

If you want to propagate bamboo it is important to follow the correct method. Take cuttings from tall trunks in a clump that is not more than three years old. You will get the best results if you take cuttings from the middle part of the trunk. A trunk 10 metres high will give about four cuttings. 

Each cutting should have two full, undamaged internodes and a half internode.


Plant the cuttings as soon as they are cut because they are sensitive to shock, which can result in poor germination or complete failure. Light sandy loam soils are best for bamboo growing.