Footsteps aims to provide encouragement, inspiration and practical ideas for health and development workers around the world. Sharing useful information empowers readers to take action to improve people’s lives. Huge topics like biodiversity, disability or traditional medicines are very hard to cover in just a few pages, but condensing complicated subjects into short, practical articles is at the heart of Footsteps’ success. We use straightforward language that makes it easier for people to translate into local languages and share.

Please find below articles from Footsteps issue 50 in html.

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  • A cheap and powerful disinfectant

    In the present difficult economic situation, many animal vets have fewer and fewer treatments available to them. But they have to continue to help farmers with their services and are aware of how little money is usually available to them. Effective and cheap treatments become essential. Dakin solution is a very powerful disinfectant which can be used both for disinfecting small pieces of equipment and also for disinfecting and treating skin infections, such as found in rabbits’ ...

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  • Bible study: Assessing our work

    Assessing our work The Bible has many examples of occasions when people’s lives and activities are examined, usually for the purpose of strengthening their relationships with God.

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  • Establishing and measuring indicators

    Indicators An indicator provides evidence or signs which show that change has taken place. Good indicators should be clear and understandable to everyone involved. Indicators can either measure or count results, or can use words to describe how people feel about changes. Daily egg production, tree growth, number of girls attending school – are all examples of indicators.

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  • Feedback on Indicators

    Impact of electricity One way that we measured the impact of bringing electricity to a village was to go back and ask people to consider how electricity has changed their lives. We divided the villagers into men’s, women’s, and children’s groups. Some of their comments were:

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  • Food cooler

    Keeping vegetables and fruit fresh is very important. Here is a simple idea for a low-cost cooler. Take a large deep cooking pan, with no handles, to the local potters. Ask the potter to make a large, unglazed clay pot with a lid and a rim or ledge inside which can support the pan. The pot needs to have a lip through which water can be poured, some ventilation holes and a wide space between the walls of the pot and the pan.  

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  • Letters

    Peruvian Goodwill Industries We are a private, non-profit-making organisation, established in 1970, which trains young people with Downs Syndrome and with other speech, hearing, learning and physical difficulties. Our main aim is to encourage them into social and productive activities as useful and responsible individuals. Our other objective is to actively involve their parents in this process.

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  • Myanmar Baptist Convention

    Evaluating their impact The Myanmar Baptist Convention was formed in 1865 and is the largest Christian organisation in Myanmar. It works with 16 regional language conventions around the country.

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  • Resources

    PATH’s delivery kit Delivery kits are simple kits containing essential items for ensuring the clean delivery of babies, either at home or in health clinics. They contain easy-to-use items recommended by WHO (World Health Organisation). These include:

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  • The impact of Footsteps

    To help us discover more about how Footsteps is used, a survey form was sent out with Issue 47 to 1 in 20 readers, selected at random. We have analysed the first 180 survey forms.

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  • The impact of parks

    by Khatib Alam and Zahid Mahmood. The development of local parks can have a great impact on community life – not only through the end product, but also through community participation in designing and constructing them. It can have a positive impact on the community in many ways – on social life, the economy, and health – as a park development project in Pakistan shows.

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