PILLARS - Credit and loans for small businesses

This PILLARS Guide encourages good practice in recordkeeping, planning and maintaining savings and credit groups. Through discussions and Bible studies it aims to give people an understanding of a variety of ways of obtaining either credit or loans and establishing good practice in record keeping and planning. This Guide should be used to study the issues involved before establishing either informal savings or credit groups or obtaining loans from outside organisations.


This is book six in the ROOTS series, produced by Tearfund. Fundraising is often dis organ ised, rather than planned, forward-looking and strategic. This book shows how to develop a fund raising strategy and contains ideas to help organisations diversify their funding base. It contains Bible studies, case studies and practical tools. 

Setting up a … Biblically Based Business (Workbook 1)

Do you want to know how to set-up a successful business? Do you want to set up your own small business? Do you have a friend you would like to help? This book is a short and simple guide to setting up a small business. Setting up a business is not difficult, but it is hard work and it does need you to think about things carefully.

This book may be downloaded free at: www.reconxile.org/enablement.html and can be purchased for £8.50 (US$13, €10) from http://www.amazon.co.uk/

For more information, contact Mike Clargo. Email: mike@reconxile.com

Mobilising the local church

The ‘Churches zone’ on the tilz website is now one year old! We are also pleased to announce that it is now available in French and Portuguese. It can be found at www.tearfund.org/tilz

The ‘Churches zone’ is useful for Christian relief and development organisations, church denominations, Christian NGOs, local church leaders and church members. It contains ideas, principles, examples and resources to help people to mobilise the local church to take action in its community.

At Tearfund we believe that local churches around the world can make a huge contribution to reducing poverty at local, national and international levels due to their passion, permanent presence in the community, commitment to relationships and spiritual hope. 

Useful websites


ArtisanWork is an information gateway for artisans around the world and the people who work with them to connect, learn and share information. Here you can find resources that focus on issues that small-scale artisans and craft organisations face, as well as an interactive space where you can share your own experiences, participate in discussions, find people with similar interests, discover answers to questions, and more.  


Reconxile.org guides and supports people in the poorest areas of the world to pull them selves and their families out of poverty through businesses, how ever small and simple. Training materials, including work books and train ing plans, can be downloaded free of charge to help people get the best chance of success out of loans from Micro-finance schemes.  


The Reconxile.org forum enables people running small businesses to connect with each other in an online setting. The forum will help potential and existing business owners to find people who are skilled in a variety of small business principles and who are keen to help them make a difference.  


The Microfinance Gateway website contains information about microfinance. It features research, publications, articles, consul tant profiles, and news and events. For detailed inform ation about your country, use the ‘advanced search’ facility. The website is available in French, Spanish and Arabic.  


There is a wealth of information about micro-enterprise and related topics in previous issues of Footsteps, especially issues 26, 35 and 57. Footsteps is available in French, Portuguese and Spanish.