Improving understanding

NGO Management

Footsteps helps to improve my understanding of development work. I have read Footsteps since 1997 when I was studying for my Masters. Since then I have read almost every issue of Footsteps. I have gained more knowledge and read many interesting articles in it. Since joining the Christian Social Service and Development Department of the Myanmar Baptist Convention I have used Footsteps in training, discussions and in some of our own literature.

The issue-based Bible studies in Footsteps are the most helpful for me. When I have to lead a Bible study in my church or in development training sessions, I often use the Footsteps Bible studies to help me. The Bible studies help us to facilitate Christians to do development work and help guide their understanding of the Bible. 

I also regularly read Footsteps to help me understand development work and I have gained more and more confidence in my work. I have applied knowledge from Footsteps in my work. When I was successful, I tried another idea and it was successful too, and then another … and thus I am growing in confidence. One idea that I tried was building the pond from Footsteps 25. I used the information when digging the fish pond in Hmawbi and also in digging ponds in Cyclone Nargis projects. I even started a family business with my own fish pond in Nyaung Don.  I have also tried ideas from Footsteps 15, 20, 25, 26, 32, 51, 59, 60 and 63.

Footsteps is easy to carry around and it is simple to understand the information and articles. It gives ideas for creative thinking and I have adopted and contextualized some of the ideas and technologies in our community development work. Footsteps is guiding our steps in church development work as well. 

I feel that Footsteps is a brilliant resource. It is delivered to us regularly and contains useful information for community development work.

Saw Hei Moo
Director, Christian Social Service and Development Department Myanmar Baptist Convention