Readers’ feedback

NGO Management

by Alice Keen.

One of the joys of working on Footsteps is getting to know more about you, the readers. You are involved in so many different aspects of develop­ment work and we love to hear how you are making an impact in your communities. It’s especially encouraging that you take ideas and inspiration from Footsteps and then take action in your local communities.

Here are some of the comments we have received over the last six months. As you can see, you are part of a community of people all over the world who want to bring about transformation.  

"Footsteps is very helpful for our missions in Burma. The messages have remained timely and have blessed my heart. I cannot afford to live without having constant access to spiritual materials like Footsteps. The material has been a real spiritual companion which has been helping me especially during my times of spiritual dryness. Thank you for keeping God’s word flowing for these times, especially articles on development-based missions. God bless you, and your vision, is my daily prayer."
Name withheld, Burma (Myanmar)

"We appreciate your continued efforts in making the issues that concern and affect the world visible as well as the need for key partners to take action. The publication is a very useful resource and a good addition to our documentation centre and will be used by various researchers, activists and students who visit the centre."
Juliet, Uganda

"Thanks for sending us Footsteps 79, ‘Managing everyday risk’. Now it is displayed for our library’s users. We and our users who just saw this book feel so interested. We found experiences and keys to protect ourselves and some new innovations such as how to make a natural refrigerator, which are great to share with others.

JVC is also working on environment education and ecological agriculture to improve the living conditions of the rural people. We can share knowledge of how to prevent risks with the villagers."
Hong Kimsear, Japan International Volunteer Center, (JVC) Phnom Penh, Cambodia

"Discovering tilz has greatly changed our way of working. The publications ROOTS, PILLARS and Footsteps are currently transforming us in terms of updating and profoundly renewing our existing knowledge and training."
‘Hope for the Future without AIDS’ project, Scripture Union – Ivory Coast, Tearfund Partner

It is great to hear that some of you are sharing Footsteps with others, by making it available through libraries and resource centres or simply lending your copy to others. What do you do with your copy of Footsteps when you have read it? Could you share it with others in your communities? If you receive e-footsteps, could you forward it to some of your contacts? We would love to expand our readership and you are in the best position to help us. 

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Alice Keen used to work in Tearfund’s Resources Development Team. She was responsible for corresponding with Footsteps readers.