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One Week – One Worldwide Prayer

There is a time for everything: a time to pray and to worship and to discern what God is saying to our world.

There is a call to those living in poverty to pray for justice and mercy. A call to those with plenty to plead for those in poverty. And a call for us all to connect in worship and intercession.

We would like to invite you to be part of Tearfund’s third Global Poverty Prayer Week, 1–7 March 2010. We’ll pray about injustice, plead for the hungry, cry for the downtrodden and sustain the work of the worldwide church. And we’ll thank God for his grace and his promise.

Connections are life-changing. And Global Poverty Prayer Week 2010 builds connections – with Jesus, with our world, with your Christian brothers and sisters across the planet.

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Tearfund’s PILLARS Guides are aimed at local level community groups and encourage discussion-based learning to help people implement change in their communities. For example, the PILLARS Guide Credit and loans for small businesses encourages good practice in record keeping, planning, and maintaining savings and credit groups. Improving food security provides practical information about pest control, grain banks and new techniques for food preservation and storage.


Tearfund’s ROOTS publications aim to help Christian development organisations in their work. They provide detailed information on relevant topics. They are designed to help staff study and use them together.

The books contain many case studies of Tearfund partner organisations so that we can celeb­rate, and learn from, the experiences of different organi­sations around the world. Reflection questions are used through­out the books to help readers relate the information to their own situation. The books contain Bible studies to help Christian organi­sations to carry out their work according to biblical values.


Electronic versions of Footsteps are now available by regular email in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Readers must have good web access to benefit from this. To subscribe, please click here

CD Roms 

CD Roms are available for Footsteps, ROOTS and PILLARS. Each CD Rom contains copies of the publications in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. They use html format which means that it is easy to search. The publications can be printed for use in training or translating. The CD Roms cost £15 (US $27, €22) and can be ordered from the address below.


PILLARS encourages groups of all kinds to take initiatives towards their own development through discussion-based learning. PILLARS Guides provide a range of information topics to help people to implement change in their communities. 

This training DVD contains seven sections, three to 13 minutes long. Each section should be used separately so that people have time to try out the ideas. The sections include: 

  • the PILLARS vision
  • making the PILLARS process work for you
  • facilitation skills
  • translation
  • writing new guides. 

The DVD costs £15 to organisations in the North and one copy is available free of charge to organisations in the South.

Other languages

Some of our publications have been translated into other languages, such as Arabic, Bahasa, Khmer, Kiswahili, Wolatigna and Yoruba. We cannot guarantee the quality or accuracy of the translations, but we are delighted that people all over the world are translating our publications into their own languages.

If you are interested in finding out what publications exist in which languages, click here

To find out more about the publication that interests you, please contact the relevant person or organisation shown.