Peace-building within our communities

This ROOTS book looks at tools for peace-building and conflict transformation work. It contains case studies of peace and reconciliation work in communities. It is available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

To order, please contact: International Publications, Tearfund, 100 Church Road, Teddington, TW11 8QE, UK


A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities 
by Jane Maxwell, Julia Watts Belser and Darlena David

Women with disabilities often discover that the social stigma of disability and inadequate care are greater barriers to health than the disabilities themselves. A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities will help women with disabilities overcome these barriers and improve their general health, self-esteem, and abilities to care for themselves and participate in their communities. It is not a medical text or a rehabilitation manual, but it contains lots of useful advice and suggestions developed with the help and experience of women with disabilities in 42 countries.

Disabled Village Children 
by David Werner

This manual, written especially for those who live in communities with limited resources, explains how to create small community rehabilitation centres and workshops run by either people with disabilities or the families of children with disabilities. More than 4,000 drawings and 200 photos make Disabled Village Children understandable to all. 

Topics in the 2009 reprint include how to build six different wheelchairs using local resources, therapy techniques such as making educational toys, and low-cost rehabilitation aids and adaptations for home and community.

A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities and Disabled Village Children cost £20 each. Both are available in English and Spanish. They can be downloaded free of charge from

To order, please contact:
TALC, PO Box 49, St Albans, AL1 5TX, UK


Obstetric fistula: Guiding principles for clinical management and programme development 
by Gwyneth Lewis and Luc De Bernis

This is a practical guide intended for health care professionals and planners, policymakers and community leaders. It provides essential, factual background information along with principles for developing fistula prevention and treatment strategies and programmes. It is available in English and French.

To order, send your full name and postal address to: World Health Organization, Department of Reproductive Health and Research, Documentation Centre, 1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland Fax: 0041 22 791 4171


Hand in Hand: Bible studies to transform our response to HIV
edited by Isabel Carter and Maggie Sandilands

These Bible studies are designed to equip pastors and church leaders to help their congregations to have a deeper understanding of HIV and a true unbiased biblical perspective. Contributions have been given from experts on theology and HIV from around the world.

It is available in English, French and Russian. All can be downloaded free of charge from this website.

Printed copies of the English and French versions are available for £3.75 and £3.95 respectively from the Tearfund online resources shop. Please email if you need help with ordering.

Where There is No Psychiatrist: A mental health care manual
by Vikram Patel

This book is a practical manual of mental health care for community health workers, primary care nurses, social workers and primary care doctors, particularly in developing countries. It gives the reader a basic understanding of mental illness, describes more than 30 clinical problems associated with mental illness and uses a problem-solving approach to guide readers through their assessment and management. 

The book costs £9 and can be ordered from TALC using the contact details above.

Useful websites 


Stories, information and resources on the subject of obstetric fistula.

Facial disfigurement

Facing the World is a UK-based charity that helps to find treatment for children in different parts of the world who have severe facial disfigurement. You can apply for assistance online on behalf of a child.