Bible study: Good use of resources

Bible study

Good use of resources

by Rose Robinson

Read Acts 6:1-7.

  • What is the complaint of the Grecian Jews? (verse 1)

The Twelve gather together all the disciples.

  • What do they propose? (verses 2-4)
  • What qualities do they suggest for the men who are to help in the food distribution? (verse 3)

The apostles pray and lay their hands on the chosen men (verse 6).

  • What is the result of getting more people involved? (verse 7)

It is good to employ people to do different tasks according to their gifts and skills and the anointing of God upon them. See also 2 Chronicles 19:11.

  • Are you making the most of people’s skills and God-given abilities?

This Bible study is taken from the PILLARS Guide Credit and loans for small businesses.