Micro Enterprise

Accountable  responsible or answerable to others.    

Advertising  making customers aware of a product.  

Aim  broad, long-term, important goal.  

Credit  money available as a loan.    

Debt  owing money to an individual or bank.  

evaluate to study or measure the significance of some action after it has happened

expenses money paid out for services and goods

export the transport of goods or products for sale in other countries

inflation a rise in general prices throughout the whole country

interest a charge made for borrowing money

loan the temporary use of a sum of money usually with an interest fee payable

micro-enterprise small businesses usually run by one person

NGO non governmental organisation

objective measurable activity which contributes towards achieving the main aim

profit money which remains after all costs have been taken away from income

resource something needed to achieve an objective: money, information, human skills or natural products

revolving credit fund a sum of money made available as a short term loan to members of a savings group who take it in turn to have the loan

savings money put aside for the future, usually in a bank where it may earn interest