M13 Obtaining credit from outside organisations

Micro EnterpriseDebt
  • An increasing number of NGOs are able to provide credit for micro-enterprise. If you are fortunate to live near, then you may be able to benefit from their training, advice and credit schemes.
  • Careful, clear records kept by members of revolving loan, savings or credit groups will make obtaining a loan much more likely. Evidence of savings will also increase the chance of obtaining a loan.
  • Many NGOs are likely to prefer making loans to established groups rather than to individuals.

  • Are people aware of any organisations offering loan or credit schemes which operate in the area? What has been people’s experience of their activities and conditions?
  • It is not recommended that churches or pastors take responsibility for credit and loan schemes. The church cannot both provide support for people in difficulty and be responsible for demanding loan repayments. It is better for local Christians to manage a credit scheme and report to local churches.
  • Encourage people to discuss this and share any experiences.