M18 Marketing your products

TradeMicro Enterprise
  • New products will only sell if customers are aware of them. Think of ways of telling customers. Could you interest market traders to promote your products in a way which also benefits them? Could you use local radio or newspapers? Could you design posters?
  • It is usually better to produce goods for a local market. In this way, many costs of production can be kept low. Money will not be needed for transport, fewer goods will be damaged and feedback on sales will be immediate. It is also much easier to build up a reputation for good quality products within the local community.

  • Initially it may be worth spending some money to tell people about your new product. However, a new business may have required a great deal of investment so money is likely to be very short. What are the advantages and disadvantages of spending more money on advertising? How much would be appropriate to spend? Would it be a useful investment?
  • Some ideas of places where you could consider targeting advertising are schools, health centres, markets, shops or cafes. Think of some examples of products available locally. Consider some appropriate ways of advertising in these or similar places. How could you make it worthwhile for the staff in these places?