M5 Working together to raise income

Micro EnterpriseIncome Generation
  • If no outside income is available, small groups can agree to work together to raise income for micro-enterprise (or other purposes). A certain time each week or month or season could be set aside – for example, to grow vegetables, to process foods or to produce crafts.
  • Consider any ways of working together like this which might raise income. Is there an outsider who might bring useful ideas, suggestions, advice or training?

  • Careful record-keeping from the beginning is very important, not just to encourage confidence among group members, but also because it may help to obtain an outside loan in the future. Why might this be?
  • Money earned from working together can be put into a savings account, after expenses have been paid. Where might the money be put?
  • How will members know who has saved what amount?
  • How can members be sure that their money is looked after in a trustworthy way?