W14 Reducing flies

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Flies are never wanted! They are always a problem. When people realise the role they have in spreading diarrhoea and disease, they are even less welcome. Getting rid of flies is almost impossible. However, there are a number of ways to reduce their numbers. These include using latrines, keeping animals out of the home and keeping rubbish areas away from where people live.

Muscovy ducks love to eat flies. They can eat an astonishing quantity of flies. At the same time the ducks will produce eggs and meat to eat. They don’t need a pond but will appreciate a bowl of water.

This simple fly trap made from empty plastic bottles will help to reduce flies. Each trap requires two plastic bottles and some black paint. If paint is not available, use either soot mixed with old oil, black cloth or paper. A small amount of manure is placed in the base to attract flies. Once inside, flies will fly upwards towards the light and become trapped inside. The trap pulls open to empty regularly and remove dead flies. 


  • What methods can people suggest to reduce the number of flies? 
  • How can we keep flies away from food preparation areas? 
  • Are there times of the year when flies are worst? Is there any reason for this? 
  • What do people know about Muscovy ducks? Is there anywhere locally where these ducks can be obtained? 
  • Can we try making this fly trap? It needs two empty plastic bottles of similar size, a sharp knife and something black to paint or cover the base.
  • Where can we hang these to be most effective? 

Making a fly trap 

A Take an old plastic bottle, paint the lower half black and make three small holes for flies to enter.

B Cut another bottle in half. Make a tube by cutting up some of the base and place into the opening of the first bottle. 

C Fit the top half onto the first bottle. 

D Put a little manure in the base and hang outside.