G10 Good hygiene

HygieneFood Security
  • After emptying a grain store or granary, immediately sweep it out very thoroughly. Make sure no grains at all remain from the previous year.
  • Repair any cracks in the walls or holes in the roof or floor. Dust with lime, ash or dried neem. 
  • Never mix grain of different ages together as this encourages pests and disease to spread into the newer grain. 
  • Regularly inspect stored grain every few weeks for any signs of rats, pests or mould. Take action immediately if damage is seen. 


  • Although the pictures show a large grain store, this advice is just as important for small granaries. Do you agree? 
  • Discuss good hygiene practices which local people use in grain storage. Are there any useful ideas or plants that are already used to discourage pest build-up? 
  • Try mixing different powdered leaves of plants known to be effective against pests, with traditional plaster mixes and use them in grain stores and granaries. Over time compare the effectiveness of different plants or chemicals.