commission to give people a special piece of work, with the authority to carry it out

community people living in one local area, often with the same culture and similar interests

community ownership when local people take control and accept responsibility for issues that affect their own development

denomination a group of churches that share organised decision-making and accountability with a distinctive way of interpreting the Christian faith

facilitate (facilitator) to enable others to share and take part

hypocritical claiming certain standards and beliefs but not living by them

Kingdom of God the perfect world of love and unity where God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit reign eternally

NGOs Non-Governmental Organisations – organisations that are managed independently of government

oppressor someone who takes control through the use of force or superior power

participation involvement of people in the decisions and processes that affect their lives

poverty a situation where there are not enough physical or spiritual resources to maintain an adequate standard of life

preaching providing teaching which is based on the Bible – usually during a church service

prophecy a message given by God speaking through people, which may give a warning, encouragement or tell of future events

Redeemer Jesus, who paid the price for our sins by his death on the cross and resurrection

Samaritan someone living in the country of Samaria, Palestine

synagogue a Jewish place of worship

transformation positive change that is radical and lasting