Building movements for advocacy

The vision for Tearfund’s global mobilising and advocacy work is a world where all people not only have their basic needs met, but are able to experience life in all its fullness. A world where relationships are restored with God, with each other and with creation itself. But we know we cannot do this by ourselves. As a result of this, our global mobilising work focuses on efforts to build movements for change. We are working towards an economy that enables everyone to have their basic needs met, ensures we all live within our environmental limits and keeps inequality from getting out of hand.

There are already many examples of individuals and communities who are living differently and campaigning for change - from communities in Malawi fighting for a ban on single-use plastic, to movements of Christians in Brazil who are lobbying politicians for environmental justice. Explore our advocacy case studies for more examples.

If you would like to share about the mobilising work you are doing, or to ask any questions, please email


The resources in this section are written for those who are inspired by the power of movements, and want to start one! Those who want to see the church in their nation call for change, pray and take action to such an extent that it creates a movement.

Movement Building Guide (PDF 2.81 MB)
This resource is designed to inspire and equip readers with the knowledge, skills and techniques to build grassroots social movements that will lead to change. It fully explains both the 'why' and 'how' of movement building, and points to other resources and information sources that might be helpful.
Also available in French (PDF 3 MB), and Spanish (PDF 2.8 MB)

Step by step guide to movement building (PDF 228 KB)
These resources aim to give some simple practical ideas of how to go about building a movement where you are, from the grassroots. These ideas build on lessons learnt and experience of successful movement building.
Also available in French ( PDF 145 KB), and Spanish (PDF 66 KB)