Renewable Energy

Investing in clean, renewable energy is an opportunity to tackle both climate change and poverty. It’s an injustice that, while clean electricity and cooking solutions exist to reduce poverty, more than one billion people do not have electricity and more than two billion people still use firewood, charcoal and dung to cook. Off-grid electricity, like solar and small-scale hydropower, often provides people with electricity for the first time. It can improve health, air quality, women’s empowerment, safety, education, and open up opportunities for new sources of income, savings and setting up small enterprises. It can also be used in humanitarian and conflict situations.

Resources on renewable energy

Bending the curve front coverBending the curve (PDF 458 KB)
This report explores which circular economy interventions work in practice to create income, health and environmental benefits in developing countries. Based on in-depth reviews of existing literature it identifies a range of development interventions that are proven and replicable in a variety of low- and middle-income contexts.
This resource also exists as an Infographic (JPEG 123 KB)

Pioneering power front coverPioneering Power: Transforming lives through off-grid renewable electricity in Africa and Asia  (PDF 2.3 MB)
This is a joint report with the Overseas Development Institute which demonstrates that solar and micro-hydropower are often cheaper, faster, more reliable, safer and cleaner than extending a centralised grid, or using diesel and kerosene
The key findings from this report can also be found in a one-page visual summary (PDF 755 KB).

Transforming electricity markets front coverTransforming electricity markets to deliver universal energy access (PDF 333 KB)
The private sector is leading the way on delivery and innovation for off-grid electricity, but market forces alone won’t reach people living in extreme poverty. This discussion paper examines the role that multinational development banks can play in redesigning electricity markets to scale up finance for off-grid renewable energy and accelerate progress towards energy access for all.