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Seeking peace - Pilgrimage through God’s word in God’s world with God’s people (PDF 6.9 MB) 

This resource aims to help us read the Bible in the context of our countries, communities, and daily lives. It is for leaders of a community, a church, a small group, or anyone who would like to work with other people to read scripture together. You will be approaching this resource with your own questions, needs and desires to see growth in yourself and your community.

Reconciling divided communities - Tearfund's approach to Peacebuilding (PDF 4 MB) 

In every place of conflict, the landscape is dotted with people who are breaking down barriers and restoring relationships so that peace can grow again. In 2016 Tearfund began to explore an innovative peacebuilding response to identify, support and sustain these individuals so that they join together as a resilient movement of peace-builders. This approach is outlined in this document.

Building peace, ecumenically - A research brief (PDF 1.2 MB) 

This research paper asks how Tearfund, with its emphasis on working through the church wherever possible, can pursue peacebuilding if it is not also seeking unity within a divided church itself. The research offers recommendations as to how Tearfund as an organisation could engage in ecumenism to widen its vision for peacebuilding.

Footsteps issues on peacebuilding and conflict

These publications collate learning from the field and guidance on how to be sensitive to conflict and promote peace at the community level