Sexual and gender-based violence

Tearfund is committed to progressing gender equality and the restoration of relationships between men and women, boys and girls, and vulnerable adults.

We aim to design and support projects which create safe and secure environments for those who are vulnerable. At the same time we seek to provide opportunities for children and vulnerable adults to realise their God-given potential. We do this by promoting equality of all people and helping restore broken relationships to prevent and/or overcome physical, sexual, and psychological harm caused by abuse, violence and exploitation. We want to see communities of faith become safe places, equipped and mobilised to speak out and act against all forms of harm in their communities

Our approach is to address the driving factors and social norms that perpetuate inequalities at interpersonal and community levels. We aim to strengthen peer and community mechanisms for protection and healing, as we believe that community members are the best actors in their own protection.

When it comes to sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), our aim is to challenge and change gender norms and behaviour. We do this by listening to the stories of survivors, facilitating discussions between men and women, engaging men and boys in exploring and transforming their concept of masculinity, and speaking boldly about Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C). We equip faith leaders to respond to these issues in their communities and to become role models themselves. Our work also leads us to places affected by conflict and war, where SGBV is often used as a weapon of war as well as exacerbating existing violence between intimate partners.

Resources and publications

Including community research, regional reports and resources for use by churches and partner organisations

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Sexual and gender-based violence in humanitarian response

How should we respond to SGBV in emergencies?

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Networks and initiatives

A list of joint initiatives and useful websites

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