Theology resources

A short introduction to mission 

This short guide explains Tearfund’s theology of mission. It explores how we can all participate in the mission of God.

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French (PDF 156 KB)
Spanish (PDF 154 KB)
Portuguese (PDF (164 KB)

Documents on the theology of integral mission

Thinking Theology Resources 

Made in image of God front cover

Made in the Image of God (PDF 1.2 MB)

Tearfund always seeks to reflect and improve in all areas of its work. As a distinctively Christian organisation, it is important for us to ensure we think about the theology that guides and sustains our work. We are developing our understanding of what the Bible tells us about the reasons for our work, the principles we should seek to follow, and the goals we are pursuing as we seek the kingdom of God. 

In order to help us think about what human flourishing means, we asked a number of theologians to write some short essays for us on the biblical idea of the Imago dei - the image of God. We wanted them to help us consider what impact this concept might have on some areas of Tearfund’s and our partners’ work. The collection includes essays on creation, mission, justice, human rights, economics, and the future coming of the kingdom of God. Each essay includes a few questions for you, your church or organisation to think about and discuss.