Welcome to the partner area on Tearfund Learn. This area is designed to hold documents relevant to Tearfund partners. We plan to develop this area further in the future. Please e-mail us if you have any suggestions for information, documents or forms that you would like to see.

TRACK Partner User Guide
English (PDF 6.2 MB), French (PDF 7.1 MB),  Spanish (PDF 7.5 MB) and Portuguese (PDF 6.8 MB)

TRACK Indicator Database (Excel doc 89 KB)
Quality standards (PDF 450 KB)

TRACK Tutorial videos

1. How to enter Reach data
2. Defining your project IMPACT
3. Defining your project OUTCOMES
4. Defining your project OUTPUTS
5. Add project ACTIVITIES (Link with Outputs)
6. Reach Mapping
7. Update Activities and Output Indicators in Implementation phase
8. Update Outcome/Impact Indicators and Indirect Reach in Implementation phase
9. Make an Amendment Request
10. Complete the M&E Plan

Micah templates


Micah Network Proposal Guidelines



Micah Network Full Proposal Template



Micah Network Short Proposal Template



Micah Network Financial Proposal Template



Micah Network Emergency Response Proposal Guidelines


Guidance on what information is expected from project proposals in emergency situations.


Micah Network Emergency Response Proposal Template


Format for emergency project proposals.


Micah Network Reporting Guidelines



Micah Network Full Reporting Template