Top five hope-filled blogs from 2018 and what not to miss in 2019

From bees and honey to polluted rivers and solar power, from disaster prevention to self-help groups, and from the herders of East Africa to young prisoners in Brazil, we covered a wide range of stories, issues and places last year. Our blogs work if they tell inspiring stories and provide learning for people living in developing communities around the world or working in the field.

Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

Here are five blogs that fulfilled our mission last year:  

1. Blogs about different varieties of bread are always popular. In this story, Ethiopia’s injera flatbreads are the source of hope for a group of enterprising women. 

2. Hannah Swithinbank’s 12-part peacebuilding series managed to be profound, reflective and beautiful at the same time. It is punctuated with wise and practical advice in short video contributions from seasoned practitioners. This blog asks: what do peace and justice really look like?  

3. A cow plays a star role in this extraordinary story of how families from different sides of the past conflict in Rwanda tread the path to healing and reconciliation.  

4. Waste and its impact on the environment continues to be a huge topic. This blog made great use of an infographic to simplify the message and listed five ways that we can take practical action. 

5. This encouraging story charts how a village in Tanzania is moving beyond local treatments to tackle burns more effectively

We have some great blogs lined up for 2019. You can look forward to reading about how Tearfund’s partners are turning trash into opportunity in Pakistan; how survivors of sexual and gender based violence in Kenya have set up a thriving peanut butter enterprise and what a church and community in Ecuador are doing to fight domestic violence. 

And there will be plenty of new publications to read on Tearfund Learn. Footsteps 107 is published this month and explores issues about the problem of waste in the developing world; later in the year Footsteps 108 will tackle disability. Other upcoming resources include a new facilitator’s manual on Tearfund's Community Church Mobilisation Process (CCMP); a Theory of Poverty resource, and our latest Impact and Learning report looking at Tearfund’s 50-year history.  

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Happy New Year!

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Nick Wyke
Nick Wyke is the editor of the Tearfund Learn blog.