Communities of Practice

Tearfund has learnt the value of developing a learning culture. We are supporting this by developing Communities of Practice (CoPs). Tearfund works with partners around the world. Learning is dynamic and we welcome joining with other communities. We learn best by working with others. Our communities can be long or short term; local, regional or global. They cover a wide range of issues such as the church and resilience, project management, water and sanitation, re-defining management, conflict and peace-building, foundations for agriculture, facilitation and church mobilization. Some of these communities use web pages and email groups (see links below). For more information or for support in developing a community contact

Communities of Practice currently operating

The Church and Development Community of Practice

We are an on line learning community that​​ exists to inspire, equip and learn with you as we work with the Church to develop their vision for integral mission​, a​ddressing poverty and injustice through holistic development.

The purpose of the ​community is to discuss the wide variety of issues around how we engage with the Church. It is a space to build relationships, share resources and be a hub of learning and inspiration.

​The community is open to anyone who is passionate about the Church and its place in God’s mission​ and wants to ​share ​learning and questions so that ​together ​we might be even more effective and efficient.

​To join either sign up here or email​

Church & Resilience CoP

We are Tearfund staff and partners interested in how we can increase people's resilience - their ability to deal with shocks, stresses, and uncertainty.  Recognising that the local church is a powerful support for individual, household, and community resilience, this group will explore ways of integrating resilience-building with church and community mobilisation.  For partners who are not pursuing church mobilisation, the group will share other good practice and methods of building resilience.

Contact CoP co-facilitators at