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Impact and Effectiveness

Fifty years of faith in action

Faith is the key ingredient in Tearfund’s work with communities, churches and local organisations. For 50 years, we’ve been putting our faith into practical action, to tackle the complex challenges of poverty and injustice. 

Celebrating our Jubilee year, we commissioned a special research project to look at the difference our faith has made to our work. It is not enough for us to be simply ‘Christians doing development’, we want our faith to shape everything we do.

Key themes

We’ve created a timeline and an Insights and Learning report which demonstrate some of the key themes and historical moments from the research. The five corresponding case studies demonstrate how faith impacts our work in different contexts.

Insights and Learning Report View the timeline

Full report

The full report ‘The role of faith in Tearfund’s work during its first 50 years’ was written by Dr Dena Freeman - an academic expert on religion and development. It is available on request from publications@tearfund.org.

Case studies

Responding to emergencies in Colombia (PDF 138 KB)
Tearfund has acted as an enabler and companion to help a local church initiative in Colombia become a driving force for community action during the civil war.

Responding to emergencies in Iraq (PDF 140 KB)
The scale of suffering in Iraq during the ISIS insurgency prompted us to begin work there with our own teams, in an area where the church had very little presence.

Learning and adaptation in Kenya (PDF 148 KB)
Through learning and adaptation, an early church and community mobilisation (CCM) pilot has grown into a national phenomenon. Today it is mobilising churches across Kenya, inspiring Christians to change their outlook and fulfil their potential.

Changing attitudes and behaviours in Liberia (PDF 174 KB)
Tearfund worked with Christian and Muslim leaders in Liberia to change harmful beliefs and practices to help control the Ebola crisis.

Building networks and advocacy movements in Peru (PDF 169 KB)
Our partnership helped establish one of South America’s first Christian human rights groups, supporting it to play a lead role in mobilising the church to end conflict in Peru.

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