Call2Compassion and Justice Mumbai (November 2013)


Call2Compassion and Justice Mumbai took place in November 2013. Some 350 delegates attended the gathering, coming from ten countries, including India, the Philippines, Nepal, Australia, South Africa, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, the UK and the USA. 


‘This is a very challenging conference; it gives us more energy to pursue the work we’re doing. I’m blessed to go home and do the work. Now the ball is in my court.’ 

‘I hadn’t thought that the church could do so much, and I take up the call of going and sensitising my church.’ 

Call2Compassion Mumbai infographic

Learning resources

To watch the highlights and plenary sessions from Mumbai, please click below.

Welcome and Introduction
Morning devotion 
Opening plenary 
Second day plenary session - Doing Integral Mission
Second day plenary session - Human Trafficking 
Fourth day plenary session - Children at Risk
Fourth day plenary session - Urban Housing
Project visit
Closing Plenary Session 
Interview with World Vision
Interview with YWAM
Reflections part 1
Reflections part 2
Reflections part 3
Reflections part 4
Reflections part 5
Reflections part 6
Reflections part 7
Reflections part 8 
Reflections part 9
Reflections part 10
Reflections part 11