Thinking Theology: Bangladesh (October 2015)


From 5 to 8 October 2015, 59 people attended a Thinking Theology conference in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

The gathering encouraged delegates to deepen their understanding of integral mission and to share their thoughts on what this looks like in practice. 

Here are some testimonials about how the conference changed participants’ understanding of integral mission: 

  • ‘Live my faith in action like Christ did. Use my every means to bring and glorify Christ wherever I go and live.’ 
  • ‘Since I am working on integral mission for the past seven years, I got refreshed in this conference.’ 
  • ‘We should work together and help each other.’
  • ‘It challenged me to build the capacity of the church, work with the body of Jesus Christ and focus on the transformational development of God’s Kingdom.’ 
  • ‘Importance of integrating Christ in social development projects.’ 

The conference was also a wonderful time of building new friendships and networks, linking delegates from Bangladesh, Nepal, India and the UK. 

Learning resources

Conference report (PDF 1.8 MB) detailing key learning points from all of the sessions



Plenary talk given by Shourabh Pholia of the Bible Society. Shourabh reminds us of the importance of listening to God and letting the Bible shape our development work as we seek to tackle poverty and injustice.

Plenary talk given by Dr Hannah Swithinbank. This session looked at the ways in which different types of people absorb, process and use information and ideas. Understanding how we learn and how other people learn can be helpful for improving how we work together.

Panel discussion hosted by Dr Hannah Swithinbank. Steve Collins, Celia Mahtani and Shourabh Phoila discuss the question ‘How do you learn about God?’.

Plenary talk given by David Westlake. This plenary session explored what it means to be sent as Jesus was sent, and how this helps us to understand ‘mission’.

Panel discussion hosted by David Westlake. In this session Rokhum Lalbiaklui, Leor Sarka and B.P Kanal reflect on the question ‘How did you grasp Integral Mission and what did it mean for you?’’

Panel discussion hosted by David Westlake. In this panel discussion, Ajit Hazra, Father Emmanuel Rozario and Kohima Daring help us to explore the challenges and opportunities for Integral Mission.

Plenary talk given by Michael Roy of the Anglican Alliance. The majority of the world’s population now live in urban areas. This session looks at what urbanisation means for the mission of the Church and possible Biblical responses.

Panel discussion hosted by Dr Hannah Swithinbank. Answering the question ‘How have churches engaged with urbanisation?’, Catherine Guda, Francis Atul Sarker and Michael Roy help us to explore the challenges and opportunities churches face in responding to urbanisation.

Plenary talk given by Deepak and Celia Mahtani. Leadership is one of the most talked and written about but least understood concepts. In this plenary Celia and Deepak share a Biblical perspective of leadership, discussing the way Jesus demonstrated a Kingdom Leadership Model.

Panel discussion hosted by Deepak and Celia Mahtani. This session looks further at what it means to lead like Christ. The panellists discuss how their faith guides their leadership.

Final plenary session by David Westlake. This session encourages us to always reflect upon on our work with a Biblical lens and to do work which brings glory to God.