Thinking Theology Consultation: Theological Education (Asia)

12th - 15th February

Take time to reflect on the Bible and be inspired to let God’s word shape your work. 

Thinking Theology Gatherings have been an integral part of Tearfund’s envisioning strategy for the past three years, as they enable us to share and influence the church for an integral theology of mission and to deepen theological reflection on Christian development practice. They provide a space to bring together a diverse group of theologians, church leaders and development practitioners to reflect upon the way that the Bible can and should shape our engagement in poverty alleviation and community transformation. Theological reflection is a key principle of Tearfund’s work, as we believe that it is essential to our ability to truly seek the kingdom of God in the course of our work. Contextual reflection is essential to this, as it recognises that the Bible is read and applied differently in different contexts, and that theological ideas need to be understood, articulated and applied in particular contexts if they are to have a sustainable long term impact on the life and work of the church in these contexts. 

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Thinking Theology Consultation: Theological Education (Asia)

In February 2019, Tearfund will host a Thinking Theology Consultation on the topic of Theological Education in Asia. We want to see integral mission theology more deeply embedded in all forms of Christian formation within the region, so that Christians have a better understanding of the church's call to serve its communities and are better equipped to participate in practical expressions of mission. We want to see church leaders trained to lead their churches in this mission, and lay people equipped and confident in their understanding of their faith so that they are able to participate in it. We recognise that Theological Education and training, including discipleship courses, are formative experiences for their students, and believe that it is important for those who develop and deliver this training to take the time to reflect on their approaches, particularly in the light ever-changing context of the church in the region. The consultation will incorporate those from a range of educational formats or approaches, including: seminary or college-based training, TEE, and grass-roots discipleship.

Who is the Thinking Theology Consultation for? 

  • Those working within theological education in Asia 
  • Theology students in Asia 
  • Those who are developing or participating in innovative or unusual approaches to education, e.g. as work in oral contexts, or bringing in digital tools or other media forms

When and where will it take place?

Date: Tuesday 12th Feb - Friday 15th Feb
Location: Hotel View Bhrikuti, Godwari - Nepal
Cost in nepalese rupee: 

- Conference pass, accommodation and meals: 18,000
- Conference pass no accommodation: 8,000 
- Conference pass, accommodation and meals: 12,500
- Conference pass no accommodation: 6,000

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