by Isabel Carter

The account of the visits made by Godfrey helps to bring to life the effects of AIDS on family life. It shows the fear that ignorance of the disease may bring, the problems of children who lose one or both parents, the stress on grandparents or others left to bring up orphaned children. It shows too that HIV can infect all kinds of people – even babies and young children. AIDS patients are not social outcasts – they need to feel loved and cared for. What is our response as Christians?

The first cases of AIDS were diagnosed in 1981. Since then there has been a rapid spread of the disease worldwide. Most countries now have people with AIDS or infected with HIV. The spread of AIDS has been very rapid and there is no cure for the disease. Dr Patrick Dixon and Joe Harbison share what has been done to help through ACET and the ACT centre in Bangkok. We hope that this issue will prove a helpful one in providing ideas, information and resources to deal with this new and frightening epidemic.

This is our first issue to be available in both French and Spanish. Welcome to our new readers. Please help us to make Footsteps more widely known. Future issues will be looking at Nutrition and Home Gardens and Mother and Child Care.