Strategies for Hope

“Stategies for Hope” is a series of booklets dealing with AIDS, produced by Action Aid and AMREF, Kenya. The booklets provide excellent information and case studies (see examples on pages 1 and 2). Each booklet is based around the work of a different group who have pioneered new ways of providing care, education, counselling and support to people with AIDS, their families and communities. The booklets so far available are:

From Fear to Hope:
AIDS care and Prevention at Chikankata Hospital, Zambia.

Living Positively with AIDS:
The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO), Uganda

AIDS Management: an integrated approach
Contains details of hospital records, treatments, training of staff and health workers.

Further titles are planned. The series provides an excellent and positive approach to dealing with AIDS. Each booklet costs £1.50 including postage, and is available in French and English. However, organisations in Africa may order up to 25 copies each, free of charge.

Contact TALC, PO Box 49, St Albans, Herts, AL1 4AX, UK.

Excellent wallchart printed on tough plastic. Price £2.00. Available from TALC.

Preventing a Crisis – AIDS and Family Planning Work
Talking AIDS: A Guide for Community Work

Two very useful books available from TALC. Also available from TALC is a flannelgraph on Family Planning, STDs and AIDS and various slide sets on AIDS.

What is AIDS? -  A Manual for Health Workers

This is a booklet published by the Christian Medical Commission.

This small manual is written in simple language to help health workers learn all the important facts about AIDS. It is available, free of charge in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese from: Christian Medical Commission, PO Box 2100, CH - 1211, Geneva 2, Switzerland.

Learning about AIDS

A similar booklet – also available from the same address. This is directed at teachers and pastors, and gives guidelines on educating young people and counselling. It answers the most common questions about AIDS and is available free of charge. However CMC would appreciate contributions towards the cost of production from individuals able to pay: £1.50 “What is AIDS” and £2.00 for “Learning about AIDS”.

School Health Kit on AIDS Control
Reviewed by Angelieka Dietz

This useful kit is produced for teachers in secondary schools. It contains a teacher’s guide and various posters, booklets, cards and flip charts for the pupils.

The purpose of the kit is to help teachers educated their pupils about the risks of AIDS before they become sexually active so that they may make intelligent choices about their future.

This kit is primarily produced for Uganda by the Ministries of Education and Health together with UNICEF, but it would be helpful in other African countries.

Available free of charge in English from: Arbeitsgruppe AIDS Bekampfung in Entwicklungslandern Salvatorstr. 22 8700 Wurzburg 11, West Germany.

AIDS Action

A useful, fairly technical, quarterly newsletter aimed at medical staff and health workers. Available free of charge in developing countries from: AHRTAG, 1 London Bridge St, London, SE1 9SG, UK.

Reviewed by Jose Smith

AIDS and the Third World
Provides a comprehensive account of AIDS in the Third World. It covers issues such as the origins and extent of AIDS, prevention and treatment, economic implications and the role of international organisations. Well illustrated with short case studies from a variety of countries.
3rd Edition, 1988, 198 pages: £7.95
ISBN 1-870670-04-3

The 3rd Epidemic: Repercussions of the Fear of AIDS
Examines the differing responses world-wide to HIV / AIDS and their implications for preventing the further spread of the virus. It contains some useful sections on law and human rights, and overcoming discrimination.
1990, 320 pages: £5.95
ISBN 1-870670-12-4

Triple Jeopardy: Women and AIDS
Explores the implications of HIV / AIDS for the woman, her child and her family. It uses examples from many different countries to show how AIDS affects families and looks at the steps which women are taking to protect themselves and their families.
1990, 112 pages: £6.95
ISBN 1-870670-20-5

World AIDS
A Panos magazine providing up-to-date information on all aspects of HIV / AIDS. Annual subscription rate (6 issues) £12.00.

All above available from Panos Books, 8 Alfred Place, WClE 7EB, UK.