Our health is affected by what we eat. Without a healthy, balanced diet, we will not have healthy bodies able to fight off diseases. In this issue we are looking at ideas to help with farming for better nutrition.

As Dr Pamela Goode reminds us, God was pleased with his creation. We are to be good stewards of the land which we have. Productive home gardens are one way of ensuring not only that we are caring for the land and maintaining the soil, but also producing a varied and nutritious diet for our families. In some parts of the world, home gardens are not common, but most people will find that the ideas in this issue can be adapted to their own situation.

Maintaining soil fertility is vital for continued good yields. Try out some of the techniques on your own land. Rainfall is something about which we can do little, but the simple rope-washer pump may help to irrigate land during dry periods. The idea of inoculating legumes may be new to many, but this is a simple technique which can greatly increase production and improve the soil.

If you are involved with primary health care, consider how you could include gardening for better nutrition as part of what you teach.

Isabel Carter