Most health workers would agree that working with mothers and children is the most important part of health work in a community.  This is because the health needs of mothers and children are especially great and because mothers with children make up over half the population. In this issue we can only look at a few of the many subjects concerning mother and child health. But we hope that this issue will bring some helpful new ideas to discuss and try out. Let us know of other subjects you would like to hear about in future issues.

Mothers who have poor nutrition in pregnancy give birth to small babies. Small babies grow less well. Late weaning and poor nutrition for youngsters can lead to malnutrition, disease, and stunting in growth, both mentally and physically. This poor start in life can never be repaired.

Jesus always had compassion for the needs of others. As Christians we need to share his love with those who need our support. Be aware of the needs of mothers and children in your area. Whatever our work, whether directly in health or in agriculture and other areas, we need to work together to break the cycle of undernutrition and disease for mothers and children.

Isabel Carter