Keeping good records of whatever we are involved with, is rarely anyone’s favourite work. Yet without clear and useful records, most of us waste a great deal of time and money.

This issue of Footsteps is not the easiest to read, yet we hope it will prove to be a very useful resource to keep and use in sorting out your own record keeping.  If you are in any kind of leadership role - whether this is looking after a health centre, running a village co-operative, or operating a small business - you will be expected to keep records. Without them, goods and drugs will not be available when needed, donor agencies will be unable to send funds, money may go missing and you may not be able to prove that you are not responsible - these results will mean that your work may be of little value.

So please take time to study these articles and think of ways in which your own record-keeping can be improved. The article on book-keeping is worth careful study and can be pulled out and kept with your own book-keeping records.