Cooking with Hayboxes

The Aprovecho Institute has a lot of information about cooking with insulated cookers - or ‘hayboxes’, as they call them. They will send details of construction, insulation materials and recipes. Write to...

Aprovecho Institute, 80574 Hazelton Road, Cottage Grove, Oregon 97424, USA.

Solar Box Cookers

This American group have plenty of information available on solar cooking. They have various designs for solar cookers, recipes, and a newsletter. Write to...

Solar Box Cookers International, 1724 Eleventh Street, Sacramento , CA 95814, USA.

Controlling Crop Pests and Diseases

A Tropical Agricultural Extension Handbook by Rosalyn Rappaport
Macmillan  112 pages
ISBN 0-333-57216-5 paperback

This practical handbook gives details of pests and diseases and the kind of damage they cause. It contains information on how to use a knapsack sprayer safely and apply both chemical and naturally occurring pesticides. It gives a good balance between the use of chemicals and natural products. There is also a useful section on protection against larger animals and wind, with information about growing and maintaining strong hedges. Of particular interest are the comic strips and diagrams where the farmer is placed at the centre of the exchange of new ideas.

Manual De Hortalizas
(Basic Guide to Gardening) by Traugot Horsh

This book, written in Spanish, is a complete guide to gardening aimed at agricultural extension workers. Reasons for gardening, preparation of land, insect and disease control and soil types are all covered. The emphasis is on organic gardening.
Order from...

Departamento de Comunicaciones del CEPAD, Apartado Postal 3091, Managua, Nicaragua, Central America.

Newsletters on Literacy

There are many newsletters on literacy. These are a few which have been recommended...

The Spider Newsletter is aimed at groups within Africa working in literacy. It is available free of charge in French and English.
Write to: The Spider, AALAE, PO Box 50768, Nairobi, Kenya.

KAEA NEWS is a free newsletter in English for those working with literacy in Kenya and nearby countries.
Write to: KAEA, PO Box 56708, Nairobi, Kenya.

READ is published in English in Papua New Guinea with a focus on literacy work in the Pacific.
Write to:  SIL, PO Box 233, Ukarumpa via Lae, Papua New Guinea.

LIGHT is a free newsletter for Christian literacy workers in Africa and Asia. It comes out three times a year in English.
Write to: Mr A H Dyson, 3401 Hillsboro Road, Nashville, TN 37215, USA.

Notes on Literacy comes out eight times a year in English and is highly recommended. It has plenty of practical, field based, readable articles.
Write to: SIL, 7500 West Camp, Wisdom Road, Dallas, Texas 75236, USA.

A free newsletter called LITERATI is available from the same address.

For information about the help which SIL (The Summer Institute of Linguistics) could give your own literacy work, write to the local SIL Office in your own country. If you cannot find this out, write to the SIL Headquarters in USA and ask for details (address above).