Raising Fish in Ponds: A Farmer’s Guide to Tilapia Culture.
by Dennis and Meredith Murnyak.

This booklet results from many years’ experience raising tilapia in Tanzania. It is very highly recommended – straightforward to read with excellent illustrations and very practical. A section of the book has provided the information for the centre pages on building a pond. The booklet has 76 pages and can be ordered from:

Heifer Project International, Box 808, Little Rock, AR 72203, USA.

A KiSwahili version is also available within East Africa only. Write to…

D and M Murnyak, Fish Farming Project, ELCT Diocese, Box 519, Arusha, Tanzania.

Raising Healthy Fish under Primitive Conditions

This booklet – and there are currently seven in the series, covering various animals – is produced by the Christian Veterinary Mission. It contains ten sections, covering subjects such as: water quality, facilities, nutrition, management, fish health, economics and shrimp culture. The booklet has 80 pages, is well illustrated and provides detailed information. It is available free of charge from:

Christian Veterinary Mission, Box 33000, Seattle, Washington 98133, USA.

Water Harvesting and Aquaculture Manuals

The International Center for Aquaculture and Aquatic Environment, Auburn University, produce a wide range of very useful books on fish farming, covering all kinds of subjects in detail. There are too many titles to list here but they include:

Organic Fertilisers for Fish Ponds
Fish Culture in Rice Paddies
Feeding your Fish
Transporting Fish
Introduction to Tilapia.

All titles are available in English, French and Spanish. They are also available on computer disc (Macintosh). Please write, asking for further details of booklets and cost, to:

ICAAE Publications, Swingle Hall, Auburn University, Alabama 36849, USA.

How to Grow Fish in the Mountains by Joseph Richter

This booklet is written for the farmer – simple, yet containing a lot of practical information and well illustrated. Topics include: why grow fish? common cultured fish, pond construction, fingerlings and their production, sexing brood fish, predators, feeding, harvesting and common mistakes.

The booklet has 40 pages and can be ordered from:

Farms International Inc, PO Box 270, Knife River, MN 55609, USA.

Pictures, People and Power
by Bob Linney
Published by Macmillan and TALC

This book is for people who want to make and use pictures for development. It is aimed at health and community workers and gives practical guidelines for those who are not artists!

The book is divided into two parts. The first part looks at the ways in which visual aids are used. The second part looks at practical ways of encouraging the local production of appropriate pictures. It includes sections on how to use colours, how to copy and adapt pictures, how to make people-centred visual aids and how to plan workshops on visual communication. The book has 195 pages and is available from TALC:

TALC, PO Box 49, St Albans, Herts, AL1 5TX, UK.

Freshwater Fish Pond Culture and Management
by M Chakroff
Published by VITA

A practical manual covering planning, construction, management, harvesting and preserving fish. Available from:

IT Publications, 103–105 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4HH.

Step by Step Surgery of Vesicovaginal Fistulas

As a follow-up to the last issue of Footsteps, this detailed description of the surgical repair of fistulas is an excellent guide for doctors involved in such surgery. Available free of charge from:

AMREF, PO Box 30125, Nairobi, Kenya.

How to Manage a Health Centre Store

A revised edition of this book has just been published by AHRTAG. The 66 page manual provides practical guidelines for health workers and pharmacists responsible for ensuring a reliable supply of essential drugs. It describes how to:

  • plan and prepare the store
  • arrange the store to make best use of space
  • make storage equipment
  • calculate quantities needed, order and receive supplies
  •  issue and pack supplies and organise a dispensary.

It is written in clear English and well illustrated. Copies can be ordered from TALC (address above).

Training courses in fish farming

A training centre has recently opened in Dareda, Babati District, 175km south of Arusha, Tanzania. The centre has about 30 fish ponds for research and demonstration. In the surrounding area there are about 200 ponds owned by local farmers. The courses provide training in raising tilapia and include a lot of ‘hands-on’ practical work and visits to farmers. They are taught in KiSwahili. Courses are usually 2 weeks long for 32 students each time. If there was sufficient demand, the courses could be held in English. For further information write to:

D & M Murnyak, Fish Farming Project, ELCT Diocese, Box 519, Arusha, Tanzania.