Henry Doubleday Research Association Tree Selection and Advisory Service

This group provides information, advice and – where available – tree and shrub seeds to NGOs, self-help groups, farmers, schools and other organisations involved in forestry and agroforestry in developing countries.

Applicants are sent a form asking for details of climate, the use for which trees are to be grown and details of the project. Applicants may also ask for more information about particular species. Requests for further information should be sent to:

International Advisory Officer, Information and Education Department HDRA, Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry, CV8 3LG, UK. Fax ++1203 639229 E-mail:

Seeds of Survival

This programme began in Ethiopia in 1988. It works with farmers and scientists to preserve and encourage the use of traditional varieties of crops which produce harvests without needing expensive chemical inputs (see page 16). This also means that many different varieties are available for breeding new varieties in the future. A newsletter is available called African Diversity. Write for information to:

Seeds of Survival, PO Box 5760, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

International Conference on Ethnoveterinary Medicine: Alternatives for Livestock Development

Ethnoveterinary medicine includes the use of medicinal plants, surgical techniques and management practices to prevent and treat livestock diseases. An international conference on traditional animal healthcare and management will be held in Pune, India on 4–6 November 1997. Interested participants are invited to send papers, organise special 11/2 hour workshops and develop exhibits for a resource and information sharing event. For further information please contact:

Dr D Rangnekar, BAIF, PB 2030, Asarwa Road, Ahmedabad 380 016, Gujurat State, India. Fax ++91 79 212 3045

Growing Diversity

There is a growing recognition of the vital importance of plant genetic resources for world food security. New varieties bred in research stations around the world are fast replacing traditional varieties and reducing genetic diversity. This book looks at the crucial role of small-scale farmers in developing sustainable approaches to agriculture and in preserving traditional varieties. (See article in this issue 'Promoting local conservation'.) The book is available from:

IT Bookshop, 103–105 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4HH, UK. Fax: ++ 171 436 2013

Small Scale Vegetable Oil Extraction

This book gathers together useful information about the various kinds of machines which extract vegetable oil. It covers small, hand-operated machines to large-scale, industrial-size machinery.

The first part looks at the chemical differences of various oils and provides information on marketing. Later chapters cover the different processes in extracting oil and details on the different oilseeds. There is a comprehensive list of suppliers and addresses.

Single copies are available free of charge to educational groups, research institutions and non-profit-making organisations in countries receiving British Aid. Write, using your official title, to:

NRI, Central Avenue, Chatham Maritime, Kent, ME4 4TB, UK.

Cover Crops: a review and database for field users

There is growing interest in cover crops in a number of situations. They have a wide range of uses from improving and protecting soil structure and fertility, soil and water conservation and weed suppression.

This 180 page review provides extensive details of over 80 species. The database comes with a computer disc. This review would be a very useful reference source for those working with cover crops. It is not aimed at a general audience. Copies are available free of charge from NRI (address above).

Group training booklets

Agrimissio (of the International Catholic Rural Association) have produced a very helpful series for group promoters. There are now five in the series. Simply produced, with plenty of practical ideas and exercises, they would be of great help to anyone involved in leading a group. They are available free of charge in either French or English. Write, explaining your work, to:

ICRA-AGRIMISSIO, Palazzo San Calisto, 00120 Vatican City, Rome, Italy.

Health Promotion in Our Schools

The Child to Child Trust has been encouraging health action in schools with children actively participating in promoting health improvements. This book seeks to give ideas to all who want to make schools healthier. The ideas in the book can be used at different age levels. It contains information on how to use health facts, improving health beyond the classroom, evaluating health improvements and deciding on priorities. This book contains practical information of use to any school, however limited their resources, on improving children’s health. Available from:

TALC, PO Box 49, St Albans, AL1 5TX, UK.

Nutrition for Developing Countries

by Felicity Savage King and Ann Burgess Second edition 1992 ELBS edition

This revised edition provides 500 pages packed with practical information, illustrations, ideas for discussion and role plays about every aspect of nutrition. It includes information on all the various food groups and micro-nutrients, food processing, food storage, meal preparation, breastfeeding, weaning, childcare, growth charts, various kinds of malnutrition and deficiencies, working with communities, families and schools.

Available from TALC at the addresss above.

Animal Husbandry Books

The Christian Veterinary Mission publish a number of useful books on animal care. They have a series of seven books each with a title beginning Raising Healthy…: Pigs, Goats, Rabbits, Dairy Cattle, Poultry, Beef Cattle and Fish. All are available in English. Raising Healthy Poultry is also available in Spanish.

They will send a free set to Christian mission agencies and agricultural libraries in developing countries. (If possible, they do appreciate a donation of US $6 for each book). Individuals in developing countries can buy copies for US $6. Orders from other countries are charged US $10. Order from:

Christian Veterinary Mission, Box 33000, Seattle, WA 98133, USA. Fax ++ 206-546-7269 E-mail: or

A Guide to Spanish Language Sustainable Agriculture Publications by Beatriz Cabezón

This guide contains summaries of 74 Spanish publications on sustainable agriculture, with details of their content, level, price and ordering information. It also contains some useful addresses of advisory groups and libraries. It can be ordered from:

UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and, Education Program, University of California, Davis, CA 95616, USA.

Sembradores de Esperanza: Conservar para Cultivar Y Vivir by Monika Hesse-Rodríguez

This is a well-illustrated book with many clear photos, which looks at practical ideas for soil conservation. Changes in agricultural practice may be very slow. Farmers may also select very different approaches to tackling soil conservation. For this reason the author gives many alternative ideas, such as: A-frames, various kinds of terraces, agroforestry, living fences and windbreaks. Discussion questions and case studies form an important part. The book will be useful to community leaders and extension agents. The book be ordered from:

Senor Juan Bautista Mejia, Servicio de Publicaciones del Obispado de Choluteca, Apdo 40, Choluteca, Honduras, Central America.

Manual de Agricultura Ecológica by Enrique Kolmans and Darwin Vásquez

This 220 page Spanish book is well illustrated and provides an introduction to the basic principles of ecological agriculture. It looks at soil composition, root growth, methods of cultivation (including zero cultivation), managing weeds, pests and diseases organically, agroforestry, trade and balanced ecosystems. The book is available from SIMAS.

SIMAS are also looking for distributors to sell the book for them at commission in Latin America. It is only available in Spanish. Order from:

SIMAS, Apdo A-136, Managua, Nicaragua, Central America.