Tricycle for disabled people


We have developed a tricycle here in Beraca Vocational School in Haiti. This is made by cutting up two old bikes (available very cheaply here) and welding the parts together. The design is lightweight with brakes and gears, so more fun to use than a wheelchair. It is completely hand-powered and can be ridden by anyone who has lost the use of their legs.

It has transformed the life of Benita, who has TB in her legs and was confined to an old wheelchair and dependent on others to push her. Now she can travel alone up to 2 miles even on rough tracks and roads without help.

Andrew Lewis, c/o MFI/UFM Haiti, PO Box 15665, West Palm Beach, FL 33416, USA.

EDITOR: If you want to build one of these tricycles and would like full details of the design, please write to the Footsteps Editor.