New Footsteps CD-ROM

Do you lend out issues of Footsteps to friends and then never see them again? Have you lost issues of Footsteps? Are you a new reader and wish you had earlier back copies? We now have a new CD-ROM available with issues 18–50 of Footsteps in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. You can search for issues or topics and print out the information you need. We also have copies of the earlier CD-ROM (Issues 1–40) still available. Both CD-ROMs cost £10 each (US $15) to organisations able to pay. Please make cheques payable to Tearfund. One copy is available free of charge to Footsteps readers unable to pay who could make good use of them.

Please write with details: Footsteps CD-ROM, PO Box 200, Bridgnorth Shropshire, WV16 4WQ, UK 

Hands On – Food, Water and Finance, Hands On – Energy, Infrastructure and Recycling

Lots of short articles on interesting projects around the word that have been featured on the BBC World TV series, featuring their experiences, problems and successes. The Energy book covers subjects ranging from solar lanterns to recycling inner tubes, hydrogen powered cars to disaster proof buildings. The Food book includes subjects from ecological sanitation to mercury detection, harvesting seaweed to credit unions.

Both are available from ITDG for £12.95 each plus £4.90 postage and packing.

ITDG Bookshop, 103–105 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4HL, UK. E-mail:

Medical Supplies and Equipment for Primary Health Care by Manjit Kaur and Sarah Hall

This book is an excellent resource for obtaining medical equipment and supplies. It will prove invaluable to health personnel responsible for maintaining a clinic. It contains detailed information on essential drugs and their usage. There are helpful details on every aspect of selection, ordering, storage, record keeping and use of medicines and equipment. The subject of safe disposal of medical waste is also considered. A free copy is available for health personnel in the South, with additional copies available at £7.50. Please contact:

ECHO, Ullswater Cresent, Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 2HR, UK. E-mail: An on-line version is also available from: 

How to Build the Archloo This book shows how to build a permanent shelter over a VIP (Ventilated Improved Pit) type latrine, in much the same way as a ferro-cement water tank is built. The main items required are four planks of wood, each cut into the shape of half an arch, sacking and cement mortar. There are many pictures, and suggestions on how to make the end walls, a vent pipe, and alternatives to a door. Although knowledge of building VIP latrines is recommended, any person with basic building skills will be able to use it.

The book costs £8 including postage and packing and is available from:

Dr Peter Glover, The Write Stuff, 133 Penzance Road, Durban 4001, South Africa. E-mail: 

CLAVES – A Juventud Para Cristo (Uruguay) programme

Youth for Christ Uruguay has been running a very successful programme aimed at preventing child and adolescent sexual abuse. Very valuable resources in Spanish, English and French have been developed in order to equip those interested in working in this area. Their experience has now been recorded and it was shared at an international conference in Japan in December 2001. If you would like to learn from their experience please request a copy of their publication, Into the Fields of Hope, which can be e-mailed to you free of charge. Unfortunately they are not able to post copies.

CLAVES Programme, Youth for Christ, Uruguay. E-mail:

Hand-dug Wells and their Construction by SB Watt and WE Wells

This technical book provides practical guidance in construc-ting a well. It includes numerous illustrations (example below), details of recommended materials, construction tips and sources of further information.

It costs £13.95 plus £4.90 postage and packing and is available from ITDG (see page 14).


This practical magazine provides detailed information on all aspects concerning low-cost water and sanitation. It is written for project managers, engineers, policy makers and field workers. Annual subscriptions cost £35 for organisations and £22 for individuals.

ITDG Publishing Journals, c/o Portland Press, Commerce Way, Whitehall Industrial Estate, Colchester, Essex, CO2 8HP, UK. E-mail:

Hand-dug Shallow Wells by Seamus Collins ISBN 3 908001 97 8

This manual is Volume 5 in a series of books on various aspects of water supply and sanitation published by SKAT. It deals with the planning, construction, management, operation and maintenance of hand-dug wells with communities low income countries. It is aimed at planners, engineers and technicians in the water sector, with the aim of aiding decision-making about the appropriate type of technology to use in a given situation, with practical information about using the various technologies. The book costs £14.00 plus £4.90 postage and packing and is available from ITDG.

Other books in the series include:

  • Water programme management
  • Building construction
  • Drilling wells
  • Handpumps.

All the books are simply written and are well illustrated, so they are excellent to use for training and in the field. More information is available from:

SKAT, Vadianstrasse 42, CH-9000 St Gallen, Switzerland. E-mail: Website:

Books for young people

Being young in the world today is quite a challenge. Advertising provides young people with suggestions and lifestyles which may often prove destructive. The economic crisis makes them feel uncertain about their future. Family breakdowns and the present day social structure make it more difficult to form healthy relationships. How can young people make the right decisions?

The Certeza Argentina editorial group is specially interested in this group of readers. They recently published four titles in Spanish for this age group. The books are written in a lively style designed to appeal to youth. They are CD-ROM size with lots of illustrations and humour. The authors are young people themselves or youth leaders. These books may help our young people to find God’s answer to their concerns.

  • Sexo realmente seguro: El verdadero plan de Dios
  • Cómo cumplir tus sueños
  • Amistad
  • ¿Bailamos? Ayudándote a decidir

These books cost $6.90 each including postage. All four are available for $17 including postage.

Send orders and payment to Certeza Argentina, Bernardo de Irigoyen 654, C1072AAN, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tel/Fax: +54 11 4331 5630.


For further information, contact: or connect at the following websites:


Water and sanitation websites

  • Publications and links to useful sites
  • Detailed information on solar disinfection at household level
  • Provides information for NGOs on water, sanitation and environmental health
  • A Christian site with technical information on rural water supplies and sanitation
  • Up to date information on Tearfund’s research project – Water Matters