Bible study: Servants of the king

Christian PerspectiveChristian Perspective

Servants of the King.  

Read Matthew 20:20-28.  

Each of us needs to develop humility and servanthood in our Christian life. We need to be witnesses by what we do – not just by what we say – even if those all around us act differently.

  • Why do you think the mother of James and John asked for a special favour?
  • How did Jesus respond to their request? What does this tell us about Jesus’ idea of leadership?
  • What impact did this request have on the other disciples?
  • Have there been similar situations within our work or church?
  • What kind of leadership does Jesus refer to in verse 28? Is this the model of leadership we have found in our church?
  • Discuss what this model of leadership would look like in the workplace, in the family, in the church and in the community.
  • What are the key characteristics of a servant leader?
  • How is Jesus a model for a good facilitator?
  • How do both we and our church need to change to reflect more of the servant attitude of Jesus?

Read Galatians 5:22-23

  • How closely do the skills needed by good facilitators resemble the gifts of the Spirit?
  • How can we encourage these gifts in our own lives?

Dewi Hughes is theological advisor for Tearfund. Tulo Raistrick is a church and development consultant advising churches on integral mission and community involvement.