Bible study: Advocacy for healthcare


Advocacy for healthcare.  

Thousands of people die every day from preventable diseases, from lack of proper healthcare or information about health issues. Many of these deaths are related to issues of international debt, corruption and bad governance. Injustice kills and, unfortunately, this is the reality for many people across the world.

God’s passion for justice is clear in the Bible, and shows us the importance of waking up governments and societies to the cause of the needy. The Bible says that defending the rights of the poor is part of the process of coming to know God himself (Jeremiah 22:16). Being close to God means listening to his concern for those who have no hope, for those who have no health. And it means taking action to transform the unjust structures – whether social, economic or political – that leave so many people dying.

What if we start taking action? What if we combine local action with pressure on governments and companies and with education for our own fellow citizens? What if we combine prayer and action? Prayer that brings us to worship God and that leads us to work for justice and health worldwide.

Read Exodus 3:1-12

  • In this passage, whom does God call as an advocate?
  • To whom is he sent?
  • What is the role of this person in Israelite society?
  • What does this say to you about the nature of advocacy and about your role today?

Read John 10:10

  • How do the Millennium Development Goals on health relate to this passage?
  • Why are so many lives wasted due to the lack of basic healthcare?

How are these two Bible texts related? What do they say about God’s concern for those who have no proper healthcare? Pray about your own role.

Elter Nehemias Barbosa works with FALE, a campaigning network that brings together thousands of Christians to speak up against injustice. FALE has campaigned against sexual abuse, for women’s rights, for Brazilian native peoples, against deforestation, for debt relief, and are now preparing a campaign on trade justice. E-mail: Website: