Cooking sorghum.  

Sorghum is a widely used grain crop in many parts of Africa. It is often used as a grain that bridges the gap at times of food shortage. It is ground into flour and used as a staple food to make into eba, a thick porridge eaten with vegetables and meat. However, some households may find sorghum too expensive to grind and go without food because they have no flour. But sorghum grains can also be cooked whole – we call this choko. The grains are washed and boiled until they break open. Foods such as beans, groundnut paste and fresh vegetables are added, together with spices and palm oil. This provides a good nutritious diet for the family. Why not try cooking choko using sorghum or other similar grains?

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Ezang: a multi-purpose tree

Ezang is a large forest tree (Ricinodendron heudeloti) also known as gobo, ezezang or njansang. Its fruit contains black seeds with very hard shells. Inside these seeds are kernels, which are highly valued throughout Cameroon. They are very nutritious and have many uses. The kernels can be ground and added to stews and relishes to enhance their taste. Ezang oil is used to make cosmetic products. Ezang bark also has medicinal properties for treating illnesses like anaemia, diarrhoea and coughs.

However, it is difficult to extract the kernels and the oil. Our organisation is now providing training and booklets on cultivation, processing and commercial uses.

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Diobass Platform

The Diobass Platform is a place where farmers and livestock breeders meet with scientists and development workers. They share local practices and knowledge about their animals and crops. This information is shared through a bulletin to stimulate wider exchange and link farmers who face similar problems. We will be happy to e-mail readers a copy of the bulletin (French only) on request.

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