Human trafficking

Born to Fly anti-trafficking course 

The Born to Fly wordless book is an illustrated version of the story of a caterpillar called Blossom and her journey to find the Moonbeam Tree. Through the characters she meets along the way and the decisions she makes, the story helps children and young people to explore the issue of human trafficking. 

The Born to Fly curriculum helps facilita­tors to explore Blossom’s story as part of a prevention programme. It has separate material for young children and young people. The Soaring Higher curriculum provides additional material for churches and Christian schools. Both are currently available in English, Bisayan (Philippines), Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Nepali, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai. 

For more information on how these materials have been used across the world see page 4. All the materials can be downloaded free of charge but you will need to register on the Born to Fly website to receive a password to access the documents: 

You can print directly from the site or download a PDF file. Unfortunately, the materials are not currently available in a printed format. You can also contact the organisation by post:

Born to Fly International  
PO Box 952949
Lake Mary, Florida 32795-2949, USA 
Or by email: 


This magazine is produced in India by Tearfund partner EFICOR. It provides a space in which Christians can share their perspectives and points of view on holistic mission in India. It includes articles written by development practitioners, theologians, grassroots workers and others who are seeking to show God’s love in a practical way. The third edition published in 2012 focuses on human trafficking and includes stories, statistics and biblical reflection. You can find it by following the link on TILZ or by typing the words ‘Drishtikone’ and ‘trafficking’ into an internet search engine. 

Advocacy toolkit 

Tearfund’s Advocacy toolkit (ROOTS 1 & 2) is a comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of advocacy. It provides practical guidance about advocacy, based on the key questions: What? Where? Who? Why? and How? 

The new second edition (published 2014) includes 80 case studies sharing what Tearfund partners have experienced and learnt over the past 12 years. There is a new section on the challenge of doing advocacy in a difficult political context, an expanded section on monitoring and evaluating advocacy, and new material offering a Christian perspective on human rights. The new Advocacy toolkit is currently available in English and Portuguese. Spanish and French versions are planned for 2015. You can download the book on the TILZ website or by visiting: or you can order a hard copy by emailing 

Online resources 

FAAST is a Christian alliance working in collaboration to eradicate human trafficking and restore survivors. Its website has a wealth of useful tools and information including anti-trafficking posters, Bible study and church resources, materials for training workshops and more. 

The UN Blue Heart campaign raises awareness about human trafficking and its impact on society. Their website contains information on how to join as well as links to research reports and national campaigns. French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian versions of the website are available.