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Sanitation and cleanliness for a healthy environment  
by Jeff Conant

This 48-page booklet offers basic information and learning activities to help communities understand and prevent sanitation-related health problems. Instructions for building several kinds of latrines, as well as ecological sanitation solutions, are clearly presented. Also available in Spanish.

You can download it free of charge from, or order paper copies for £6.10 (US$ 9, EUR 8) from TALC (details below).

Encouraging Change: Sustainable Steps in Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (2nd edition)
by S Sutton and H Nkoloma
ISBN 978 0955881 18 3

This publication is a clear and simple field-level facilitator’s guide that assists communities in identifying and implementing practical, low-cost improvements to their water supplies and sanitation. Photographs, illustrations and a CD with 100 A4 posters are included, which fieldworkers can use for teaching and discussion. Also available in French and Portuguese. The full resource is available from TALC (Teaching-aids At Low Cost) as a book, a CD-ROM and as a download.

Cost: £10 (US$ 15, EUR 13) for the book in English and French, £13 (US$ 20, EUR 18) for the Portuguese book, £3 for the CD‑ROM and £4 for the PDF download.

To order, email or write to:
TALC, Units 25/26, Thrales End Business Centre, Thrales End Lane, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 3NS, United Kingdom

Please note that TALC costs do not include postage and packing.

A community animator in Burkina Faso using the Mooré translation of PILLARS Encouraging good hygiene and sanitation. Photo: Alice Keen/Tearfund

PILLARS Encouraging good hygiene and sanitation
by Isabel Carter, ISBN 1 904364 54 3

This guide offers practical ideas to encourage hand washing, keep food safe, provide safe drinking water and maintain good health. It also includes advice on improving water supplies and building different types of latrines. Also available in French, Portuguese and Spanish.

It can be downloaded free of charge - click here. To order paper copies, email or write to: 
International Publications, Tearfund, 100 Church Road, Teddington, TW11 8QE, United Kingdom.

Build your own tippy tap
by S Somnath

This illustrated instruction sheet demonstrates how to build your own tippy tap (see page 9). Also available in French, Portuguese, Spanish, Afrikaans, Hindi and Marathi. It is published by Indicorps and available to download free of charge from the Practical Action website, (type ‘tippy tap’ in the search box), and from Instructions for building a tippy tap can also be found in Footsteps 14 (version made from gourd) and Footsteps 30 (plastic container version).

Useful websites
The SuperAmma (‘SuperMum’) campaign aims to persuade people to wash their hands with soap. Here they share the approach and the materials that worked with mothers in southern India, to inspire and assist you in your behaviour change campaign.
More tippy tap resources, including videos, photos, posters and songs.
Sanitation Marketing Toolkit from the Water and Sanitation Program (also available in French).
Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries: Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies, 2nd Edition - a comprehensive technical guide.
Posters from the Water, Engineering and Development Centre (click on ‘WEDC posters’).

Newer designs of hand washing stations:

The Mrembo (‘the beautiful one’), Kenya:

The Happy Tap, Vietnam:

The Hand Washing Dispenser, South Africa: