F10 Suitable containers for tree seeds

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Seeds can be planted in all kinds of containers. Plastic tubes, milk cartons, plastic bags, tins or broken pots all make good growing containers. All should have a few holes in the base for water to drain out.

Seeds can also be planted in beds. Make raised beds 60cm wide and as long as required, using timber, split poles, stones or freshly split sisal poles. If you have plenty of timber you can also make small moveable boxes 40cm x 40cm with wooden bases. Paint timber with old engine oil.

Use good fertile soil for filling containers and seed beds. If possible some of this soil should come from underneath well-established trees, as this soil will contain organisms that help the growth of tree roots. Mix four parts of good soil with two parts of clean river sand and one part of old dry manure. Mix together well when dry. Fill containers carefully and shake down the soil to allow for settling.


  • What kinds of containers could be used for planting tree seeds? Can you think of a source of plastic forestry containers from some nearby organisation? Or a source of plastic bags?
  • Where are good sources of clean sand and old manure available?
  • Can you work together to prepare containers ready for planting?
  • When would be the best time to plant seeds so the young trees would be ready early in the rainy season?