F15 Planting out tree seedlings

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If possible, only plant out seedlings on cloudy days when rain has made the soil really wet. Late afternoon is the best time to plant them out.

Water large seed beds well the evening before planting. Remove two end pieces and cut the trees out carefully. Carry them carefully in a bowl or box to the planting site.Don’t water containers before planting. The soil will then stay firm when the container is removed so the roots will not be disturbed. They will also be easy to carry! Water them well straight after planting.

Place the seedling in the hole at the right level, gently remove the bag or container without disturbing the roots, replace the soil and press down firmly. Cover the soil with cut grass or leaves to keep the soil damp.


  • Why is it better to plant out trees in the late afternoon?
  • Why should you not water young trees in containers before carrying to the planting site?
  • Discuss how best to avoid any damage to the root ball.
  • Why is it so important to avoid damaging the root ball? Encourage people to understand that a good solid root ball will make it much easier for the young seedling to survive, as most of the fine roots will remain, allowing the seedling to take in water and begin to grow.