F8 Direct planting of tree seeds

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  • Many trees can be sown directly into the ground. Plant lines of seeds following the contour line, or around the outside of a plot of land.
  • Plant the seeds either just before the rains begin or early in the rainy season. If the rains fail, it may be worth the effort of watering the young seedlings once or twice if possible. 
  • Some trees can also be grown from cuttings or stakes. Cut poles from trees like gliricidia, moringa and calliandra into sections. Remove most of the leaves. The cuttings can either be 30–40cm long and planted at an angle, or alternatively they can be up to two metres long and planted upright so that the shoots will be out of reach of animals.


  • What are the advantages of direct planting of seeds compared to the work of establishing a nursery? 
  • Do any participants have experience of planting trees directly from seed? What sorts of trees may be more suitable for direct planting? 
  • Do any of the participants have experience of planting trees directly from cuttings or stakes? Which species were successful and how was it done? 
  • If possible, visit a farmer who has already planted lines of agroforestry trees to learn from their experience. 
  • Arrange a convenient time to go and plant some lines of trees on one or more of the participant’s farms.